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Rocky Beach

Are you ready to discover your true identity in Christ?

It's time to stop feeling stuck and start living a life of purpose.

Do you ever feel. . .

  • tired of needing everyone's approval

  • like you don't matter

  • that you aren't enough

  • consumed by negative thoughts about yourself 

  • exhausted from living in a constant cycle of doing (praying, journaling, counseling, etc.) but never seeing breakthrough

  • as if you’re constantly comparing yourself to other women 

  • like you're trying to rescue everyone in your life... but you

What if you could learn to . . .

  • get out of just living in survival mode

  • stop struggling with fear and control

  • show up in your relationships as your authentic self

  • truly connect with the heart of Jesus

  • hear His perspective on your life and relationships

  • experience inner healing and true freedom


All things are possible with God.

Let me help you discover your true identity in Christ so you can live a life full of purpose and freedom. Let me help you connect with the heart of Jesus so you can learn to live from His perspective. He has SO MANY wonderful things to say about you!

Let’s work together to get you UNSTUCK and on the way to living the life YOU desire!

Hi, I'm Jennifer.

I know what it feels like to constantly say to yourself, “There has to be more to life than this” or always wondering, “Why am I here on this earth? Will my life ever make a difference? Am I good enough? Will anything good come from the pain I’ve endured?”

If any of this resonates, and you're looking for someone who has experienced and overcome things that you can't talk about with just anyone, then I would love to serve you. Click here to learn more about me and my story or use the button below to book your half-hour discovery call!




“Jennifer has the ability to ask me questions to help me find the answers for myself. Her love for truth leads her to help me search deep within me for truth that enables my spirit to find freedom.”

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